Thursday, 15 September 2011

Upon Further Reflection

It's definitely the name - 'Life' Coach.  Maybe if they called themselves Mentors instead?  Mentor was left in charge of Odysseus' son Telemachus when Odysseus went off to the Trojan War.  Yes, I think that's much better.  Now let's pretend, just for fun, that I were to hang out a shingle as a Mentor.  What would I advise my clients?  I'll mull that over for future posts...


  1. Perhaps you could teach them about sticking to their guns?

    Upon further reflection you appear to have picked up the gauntlet you so vehemently threw down.

    However, if you would like a coach to help you get this new career started, I do have some free time...

    But it will cost you ;)

  2. I would never teach anyone to stick to their guns without compromise. That might create another Tea Party member. The 'gauntlet'? I'm trying to stick to Greece & Rome. Don't introduce the Age of Chivalry - we'll get confused. But you're right - who mentors the mentor?

  3. If your Mentor drank Diet Coke, would he explode with advice...?

  4. @David W. Smith. You are not the first person to confuse Mentor with Mentos, the Greek god of eruptions & geysers. Lucky I'm here to help guide you through life.