Monday, 9 May 2011

Stale Male Pale

Disclaimer:  I am a white male and may have received unequal treatment and unearned advantages from my society as a result.

In a teaser clip for a story coming up later in a broadcast of CBC News - The National one evening last week, a female headhunter announced something to the effect that "no one is interested in stale male pale".  The story was about men who were, by circumstance of their unemployment, at home running the household.  I didn't watch the story until the next day because I didn't want to get riled up right before bedtime.  Turns out the HR woman was referring to senior management positions; and turns out the out-of-work men were enjoying their new roles.  The effects on society of the 'mancession' and the 'decline of men' was also covered recently (and with much comic effect) in an article in the New York Observer.  I want to explore these issues in the next few entries, as I think they tie in with previous posts regarding the inevitability of change, the lure of nostalgia, and the subtle nature of changing relationships.  To my children, hang in there - I'm going some place with all this.

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